What Are The Maintenance Charges of DLF Capital Greens Apartment?

What Are The Maintenance Charges of DLF Capital Greens Apartment?

Buying an apartment comes with numerous charges, from booking to, registration and paperwork among them maintenance charge is another. It is paid monthly or annually for the improvement of the society complex.

Maintenance Charges

In real estate sector builders apply charges for the luxury project per area square feet or according to the apartment size.

Buyers should know which facilities come under maintenance charges because most of the people just pay the maintenance charge without even knowing which facilities come under the charges.

Applying a maintenance charge simply means maintaining the facilities such as swimming pool, lobby, lifts, elevator, and the management service which are available in the society in good condition.

So that you will enjoy yourself in the well-maintained surroundings, where you never get bored rather the tip-top condition of the society will always give you a special feeling.

Consequently, Maintenance charge ensures that the habitants will get the superlative service round the clock without any compromise and disruption.  

DLF Capital Greens Maintenance Charges

Alike, other lavish properties DLF Capital Greens is also a luxury residential project, which is offering the best luxury space in Moti Nagar, accompanied by gratifying pleasantries.

DLF Capital Greens is delivering 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 4 BHK ready to move property, which is planned with large landscaped garden, fitness centre, recreational zone with sports facilities.

This Luxury Address Is Holding 3 Phase Including Distinctive Charges Rate:

  •  Phase 1 is offering 2 BHK & 3 BHK flats with 1200-1525 Sq.Ft area size and charges approx. Rs. 4/ Sq.Ft which costs (Rs. 6100/Month)
  • Phase 2 is delivering 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 4 BHK apartments with 1210 – 2630 Sq.Ft and charges approx. Rs. 4/ Sq.Ft and will cost (Rs. 10520/Month)
  • Phase 3 is serving unique 4 BHK apartments with 2885 -3015 Sq.Ft and charges approximately Rs. 5.25/ Sq.Ft which costs (Rs. 15828.75/Month)

Additionally, You Don’t Need To Pay The Charge Monthly But Quarterly.

So these are some details on DLF Capital Greens maintenance charges and why we pay for it, and I believe this much of information will comprehensive your query regarding maintenance charge, which will help you to be a responsible society member to pay the charges in time.