What Are Homebuyers Looking For In 2022?

What Are Homebuyers Looking For In 2022?

The year 2021 is about to end and a brand new year 2022 is waiting you ahead. So have you planned out anything for the upcoming New Year? It is obvious that you must have planned to celebrate the New Year.

I’m planning to celebrate this new year with my family, I’ve cancelled all my outing plans with friends. Because fully I’ll be available for my family only. I’ve made many plans regarding this; I’ve decided to spend the whole couple of days with my parents (My World) and make the moments more special with them.

And this time, I’m going to celebrate this occasion little differently, this time I’m going to gift them with a new address, a new feeling, a new home, and I’m pretty sure they will be very pleased by this surprise. 

Why a home?

Because this is the place, where you can reunite with your loved ones, home is the only place where family bonding gets strong. Undoubtedly, it is the address of happiness and everybody would agree with this statement.  

If you are also in the same boat with me then I’ll encourage you to go ahead with your decision. Because buying a home will be easier in the coming year in comparison to 2021. As the home demands did not stop even in the COVID period, instead it increases which has shown a positive indication that home buyers are continually doing shopping and for that reason, builders also approached with many residential developments to meet them their needs.

The best example is DLF One Midtown Delhi. This development is one of the best constructions that carry upgrade living and lifestyle amenities within. The address perfectly matches home buyers' demand for what they wish to see in a home after relocating.

Here are the list given below that a high-end user would prefer to see in a home 

First of all, a home buyer would like to purchase a new property rather than an existing home. Because a new construction brings various facilities within, hence, you can easily get all things at one place. Second thing is, most homebuyers prefer to live in a suburban area and that is why they would prefer to buy an apartment living close to all conveniences wisely inserted within. Plus they will seek an address that will promote sustainable living.

Laundry room

This counts as the topmost wanted feature for a home as nearly half of homebuyers to prefer and is quite desirable. Additionally, many buyers prefer the first floor where they can take the advantage of effective use of the energy star appliances. As the first floor relocate consumes less electricity and that will be energy saving.

Spacious rooms 

This is another demand of home buyers, where they demand spacious units in an apartment, as nowadays modern home buyers prefer to live in a spacious home where they can unwind themselves. Besides this, the demands for spacious homes are increasing as such features offer congested - free living.

Modular kitchen

Buyers also focused a lot on the project interior, especially they are very much going into detail with the kitchen. A modular kitchen is most desirable amongst high-end users as such kind of kitchen has ample storage space with, all appliances are wisely set up so that home buyers need not to purchase any further kitchen appliances.

Nowadays, the demand for apartment living is high and that is why most of the home buyers prefer to live in a gated community and for that, they search on all the above-mentioned features in a house, along with 3 other features  such as : -

Outdoor living space 

Open living space is another demand in a residential project, where buyers can involve themselves in outdoor activity. At least 70% of open space must have to allocate in a residential project which is necessary. So in present days, home buyers are also focused on this service too while purchasing a home.


Amenities come next, in-home buying is the best part of community living so when homebuyers make their mind to purchase a home then definitely go this option first. Here, you can easily get all things in one place.

Secured Community 

And lastly, home buyers always choose to live in a gated society, where one can live at least in a secure environment for a lifetime. Manned security and advanced security features are some major advantages of living in a gated community.


This is the most crucial part while seeking a home because the location is the prime thing that always comes with the best advantages, so whenever you go for property always check the location and the connectivity then make your decision.  

So, this New Year doubles your celebration with a new home which is only designed for you and that address is known by DLF One Midtown which carries all the above-mentioned facilities at one single address.