Gated Community: All Time Home Buyers Preferred Choice

Gated Community: All Time Home Buyers Preferred Choice

If you are in India and finding the best-gated society which can meet all your requirements then must grab knowledge about what a gated community provides. Generally, a gated community is planned with various facilities so that residents would not face any difficulties within the premises.

Given below are some advantages that are associated with a gated community, let’s have a look:-

1. A Higher Standard of Living

Life in a gated community indicates comfortable living where residents will be encircled by various opportunities. A higher standard of living is the best advantage of it, including residents will get whole contemporary ambiance that reflects upgraded living. In terms of construction, interior as well as exterior you’ll discover something new and unique .  Additionally gated societies are planned with specific theme such as green theme or you can say garden theme and the prime motto is to live green and promote green. 

Such uniqueness can be find in a branded property by a reputed developer for example DLF One Midtown by the renowned DLF Ltd. A brand new property where you’ll get the chance to explore even more than your imagination. Higher standard quality or characteristics can be defined in a branded home like only.  

2. Advanced Lifestyle 

As mentioned above gated community comes with a master plan where it is developed with some special as well as basic amenities that enhance the standard of living. You’ll be mesmerized by the trending architecture, upgraded features and services. Moreover, the residents will get the opportunities to experience a whole updated living where they will witness the futuristic lifestyle, and get the advantages of the current standard of living also. 

Moreover, in a gated community you will be facilitated advanced lifestyle which a end –user follow in a day to day life. For instance,  you’ll get a gym, yoga lounge for every day workout, swimming pool for relaxing at any time, spa & sauna, where you can pamper yourself, library- a perfect place for the book lover, internet & Wi-Fi facilities etc, kid’s play area and gaming zone, indoor & outdoor sports and so on.

3. Unhindered Privacy

In terms of privacy, a gated community stands the best where it offers complete privacy that rarely you’ll get disturbed. If we talk about apartment living in a gated society then surely you will get enough privacy and capacious living space. Similarly, suppose if you are planning to throw a party then you can host it in the clubhouse area or a party area. A specific place is just dedicated to such social events and without your permission; no one can mess with your plans.  

4. Child-friendly Environment 

Kids are really an angel but sometimes they throws tantrum. There are some smart kids unknowingly bring or face some unpleasant situations when parents are not around. Every time parents have to be very watchful of them. But if you are living in gated communities then as parents you don't need to worry about this, rather you will easily get rid of such kind of unpleasant situation.  

In child play zone you can leave or allow them to play with their peers and they will learn to make more new friends. Besides this, play zone in a society are the primary step of learning socialization where kids can learn it better.  

5. Eco-friendly Ambiance

End-users are quite emphasizing living eco-friendly living, a completely safe environment and to meet their requirements developers are giving their best by delivering eco-friendly projects. Uses of Environment-friendly materials while constructing the building are harm the environment less. In a gated society you will get rain water harvesting features that helps you using less water. Similarly you’ll get solar panel facilities that will cut your bills on electricity and saves a lot.  

6. Green Environment 

All gated community balances lifestyle in various ways and the most preferred way is by putting green landscaped. Yes, you can witness a robust green environment within the society. So that, you’ll not only get an eco-friendly ambiance but also will vibe aesthetic vibes around you round the clock or even years.  

Frequently, you can spend more hours in the peaceful garden area that every gated community possessed within. So that, residents would not step out from society in search of a green environment, instead, they will get all things at one address. 

7. Cosmopolitan Environment

Another most advantageous part of living in gated communities is that you can experience the cosmopolitan society, where you will come across various like-minded people with different profiles & occupations. With whom you can interchange your words and thoughts.  

If you are a social butterfly and love to meet new people, and keeping a learning attitude within then surely such environment suits you. 

8. Easy Access To Amenities

Usually, gated communities have commercial complexes inside the community which makes further life easy. Rarely you would explore other retail stores, gyms outside the society, and banquets with busy dates. All in one place! Isn’t it wonderful, it is?

Perhaps if guest visits your home and suddenly you’d encountered that you are out of groceries then you can help yourself by purchasing eatable items. 

9. Higher Property Value 

Gated Communities are 10%-40% higher than stand-alone buildings. Because of the endless services, it carries within. And later this prime reason turns the property value twice for rent and resale, so definitely you’ll grab higher capital appreciation.  

10. Upgraded security

Gated communities are best known for serving outstanding security features and that is why the demand for getting a home in such a society is quite competitive. Not only gated communities are allocated with high-tech security but also manned security personnel are deployed at the entrance of the society. 

Moreover, these days many upgraded security features like CCTV Cameras, smart door locks, Scanner, anti-theft alarms, RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) Vehicle parking, boom barrier, and dog patrolling, are smartly implemented to keep society fret-free.  


All the above mentioned factors indeed makes the lifestyle easy , secure and trouble free when you are living in a gated society. So in sum, from security stand point gated communities are best for living but if you can look the lifestyle point of view then also you will be satisfied with various updated amenities.  


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q1. What is a gated community?

Gated community is refers to a society that is fully developed with various basic as well as social amenities including well guarded with updated security services to protect the society premises secure.

Q2. How much safer are gated communities?

It is very much safer than stand alone properties. Because such kind of property uses highly advanced security features.  

Q3. What are the safety measures taken by a gated community?

Different types of gated community provides different services as well as facilities. Some societies facilitates 3 tier security system whereas some others are provides 5 tiers security. CCTV Cameras, smart door lock, AV door phone, intercom facilities, dog patrolling, RFID car parking services, fire extinguisher, anti-theft alarm are to name afew.

Q4. Which is the best society in Delhi?

DLF One Midtown is the best society to with 500+ cameras in different corner of the society are keeping eye on each activity going on the project premises. 

Q5. Is it worth buying flat in gated community?

Buying a flat in a gated community is definitely sensible when it comes to security. Besides this, you can have an opportunity to live a complete contemporary lifestyle amidst updated features.