Discovering The Best Apartments In Moti Nagar

Discovering The Best Apartments In Moti Nagar

Dlf has developed a dreamland, “Capital Greens” for all potential investors and homebuyers. 

Capital Greens has developed Phase I, II, and III. The fourth phase of Capital Greens is known as “DLF One Midtown”


As Moti Nagar is situated at a prime location in Delhi, people from Delhi or those traveling from other cities can easily access this location via different sources of public transport. For instance, you can travel via metro, cabs, bus, etc.

Metro connectivity from several metro stations to Moti Nagar is beyond marvelous as this is one of the rare locations in Delhi that is easily accessible from several metro stations such as Inderlok Metro Station, Moti Nagar Metro Station, Kirti Nagar Metro Station, Patel Nagar Metro Station, Ashok Park Main Metro Station. 


Moti Nagar is a legendary location, from where you can easily travel to iconic places such as Connaught Place, Kamla Nagar, Rajouri Garden, Delhi University, Kirti Nagar, and Chattarpur. 

You can travel back and forth to these locations from Moti Nagar via any means of transport as it offers all the visitors with amazing connectivity. 

Moti Nagar is well-equipped with excellent retail stores, malls, hospitals, and educational institutions such as colleges and schools. Especially for all the students, shopaholics, and foodies out there, residing in Moti Nagar is the best option. 


  • Ambedkar University, Delhi
  • Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College, Delhi
  • Rajdhani College, Delhi
  • Campus Of Open Learning, Delhi
  • Kalindi College, Delhi


  • Guru Nanak Public School, Delhi
  • Blooming Buds Public School, Delhi
  • Shadley Public School, Delhi
  • DAV Public School, Delhi
  • Shri Ram Global School, Delhi
  • GD Goenka Public School, Delhi
  • Ramjas, Higher Secondary School, Delhi
  • Bhai Joga Singh Public School, Delhi
  • Maharishi Dayanand Public School, Delhi


  • CTC Mall, Delhi
  • Moments Mall, Delhi
  • TDI Mall, Delhi
  • West Gate Mall, Delhi


  • Apollo Cradle Maternity And Children’s Hospital, Delhi
  • Acharya Shree Bhikshu Hospital, Delhi
  • Kalra Hospitals, Delhi
  • New Medical Centre, Delhi
  • Maternity And Child Welfare Centre, Delhi
  • Ashray Medical Centre, Delhi
  • Gyanchand Joshi Ayurvedic Hospital, Delhi
  • Apollo Spectra Hospitals, Delhi
  • Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Hospital, Delhi
  • Kailash Hospital, Delhi
  • BLK-Max Super Speciality Hospital, Delhi


Buying an ideal apartment for you and your family is a major task as it involves investing your hard-earned money. Buying your dream home is a great achievement for all as it involves a mix of feelings of emotions as well as excitement. 

It is essential to make a well-informed decision before you invest your savings in buying a property. Here is a list of all the factors that will help you to make a strong and sensible decision regarding investing in the real estate market.

  • Knowing The Recent Price Trends

Once you decide the type of property you want and its location, it is high time that you learn about every aspect of the market. Knowing about the recent market prices is a major part to set your budget accordingly. It is a vital aspect that you know to what extent your pocket is allowing you to spend money on a property. 

  • Security Arrangements

It is essential to know about the security arrangement your housing complex/society has strategically planned. Generally, houses at lower levels are generally considered more unsafe than houses on higher floors. This case becomes more dangerous if you reside in a house that is built on a lower level and the building of your house is on the main road as due to this, your house can be clearly seen by the general public. 

As a result, this can be a motivating point for burglars to commit theft. 

  • Convenient Location
    Buying an accommodation in a locality that offers easy accessibility to several locations and is built amidst a decent neighborhood is a major feature while choosing the right place. 

This will enhance the safety factor for you and your loved ones as it secures your home. You should choose an apartment that has all the necessities within close proximity to your home.

Before you sign all the documents, you should check all the nearby grocery stores, traffic signals, and roads. 

  • Check For The Neighborhood

Getting a decent and positive neighborhood is a blessing in disguise for all of us. 

You should check the neighborhood, which means that you get an idea of what your neighbors are like. 

You should check whether the housing community you live in is highly gated and well-equipped with other safety instruments like a security camera, proper maintenance of register for check-in and check-out of everyone except the family members, etc. 

If you skip the security aspect while choosing an apartment, you will regret it for the rest of your life. 

  • Check All Reviews

As technology has become advanced, there has been immense development in the construction of several kinds of properties. 

You can go through all the reviews and keep a note of them before you move forward with regard to your chosen property or builder.

Choosing an appropriate house is extremely important for you as well as your family members. 

The best way to get the appropriate information is to go and take a tour of the entire property in person and jot down all the necessary points to research further. 


Today, it has become significant for all home buyers as well as investors to occupy an accommodation that comes with luxurious and high-end amenities. 

For instance, Swimming Pools, In-built gymnasiums, Playgrounds, Lush-Green Gardens, Parking Spaces, and Clubhouses. Most of people prefer all such amenities to be available within your high-gated Residential sector. 

All such exceptionally luxurious properties lure potential investors and home buyers into buying the property. 

Features offered by the builders to the prospective buyers and investors are a major reason that becomes a comparison point when it comes to choosing an ideal property for you.

In order to increase resident satisfaction and retention, you should offer unique amenities that are considered as luxurious. 

Here is a list of all the high-end amenities that will not just help you to retain your existing residents, but also attract more potential investors as well as home buyers:.

A. Well-Equipped Fitness Centre

People have become extremely health conscious nowadays and achieving fitness goals efficiently is something that is on everyone’s checklist. 

Hence, the demand for ultra-modern gymnasiums built within the residential sector has become a flourishing feature. For instance, building a yoga studio is one of the major amenities that lure more residents.

People find it much more convenient to exercise in a healthy and pumped-up environment.

B. Rooftop Deck

Rooftop Deck is an ultra-luxurious amenity that is offered by several high-end residential projects. 

Swimming pools, customized fireplaces, outdoor rugs alongside potted plants, an open bar as well as a barbeque, and several other things can be built in a rooftop deck.

The majority of Indian households love to have a terrace garden in which they love to grow several flowers and vegetables. 

You can decorate your rooftop deck according to your choice and can host several events.

This is specifically that part of your house that feel exceptionally proud about when you invite your family and friends. 

C. Common Lounge And Game Rooms

Building of common lounge and game rooms is becoming a major factor in order to attract customers. 

Here, people can hang out and get to know each other over a game of chess or any other game. 

You can watch television, play pool or board games with your friends in a cozy environment while ordering your favorite food. 

Both these rooms are considered exceptionally excellent when it comes to strengthening the bond with each other. 

D. Smart Locks

Living in a highly safe residential development is considered the major reason before you invest in a particular property. In-house safety is equally important to the safety offered in the exteriors. 

Smart Locks are one of the most essential features that make your house exceptionally safe from all the intruders.


The reason smart locks are an important factor that ensures safety is that it offers a keyless experience. 

Hence, there is no need to hide your keys under the mat or over the shelf as all of this makes it easy for burglars to commit burglary at your home. 

Another major use of smart locks is that you never get locked out of your house as there are several incidents of residents forgetting their keys inside when they leave their house.

In such cases, smart locks play a vital role as you can lock and unlock your doors with your smartphone. 

Also, one of the exclusive features of having smart locks is that it allows the residents to send a digital access code to their visitors. 

Hence, ensuring a high level of security for each and every resident living at such properties.

E. Built-In Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostats are a high-end amenity that contributes to making an apartment a luxury. This amazing feature allows you to control the temperature through your smartphone even when you are outside your home. 

It is a great device that lets you save a great deal of money by lowering energy consumption. As a result, Properties having Smart Thermostats play a huge role in luring most prospective investors as well as home buyers. 

F. Parking facilities

Having a proper parking facility is a basic and very important feature that is important for every resident. 

Along with residents’ upgraded lifestyle and a wonderful locality, having a dedicated parking space is also a huge advantage for all. 

Though having a reserved parking space is much demanded by those who have their own cars. 

Other facilities that come under this feature are:

  • Visitor Parking Spaces
  • Bike storage as well as locks
  • Assigned area for pick-up rides

G. Exclusive Private Spa 

Having a dedicated private spa is one of the most magnificent facilities that is built within your residential development. 

Every day, residing in such properties feels as if you are living in a 5-star hotel because here, you get full access to exclusive massage rooms, a heated pool, and a steam room to get revitalized. 

Such facilities make residents feel as if they are living in a promised land. 


Moti Nagar, New Delhi is the home to the ultimate magnificent development of DLF’s new residential property, “Capital Greens”

The name itself suggests the grandeur and opulence offered by the property along with the lush green surroundings. 

Capital Greens have been built amidst the bustling city but have an ultimate serene neighborhood surrounded by lush green gardens and playgrounds. 

Capital Greens has developed its Phase I, II, and III along with its brand new fourth development known as “One Midtown”


One Midtown, located in Moti Nagar is a luxury property developed by DLF have its own premises filled with greenery. 

The neighborhood of One Midtown has beautifully shaped landscapes and courtyards that offer a magnificent aura for yoga, running, and for your morning or evening walk. 

Realty major DLF has confirmed that it has done exceptional sales worth Rs.1500 Crore in the first phase of its freshly launched project in the residential sector.  


Located at the legendary location of Central Delhi, the specification of this tremendous project is mentioned below:




LOCATION: Shivaji Marg, Moti Nagar, New Delhi


One of the major factors that one should consider before buying or investing in a property is its location and connectivity to all the major landmarks. 

As DLF One Midtown is built in Moti Nagar, West Delhi which is in close proximity to Central Delhi as well as an amazing aspect that will lure investors as well as home buyers. 

Another unique feature of this property is that it has wonderful connectivity from several different stations. 

Inderlok Metro Station and Moti Nagar Metro Station are two major stations from where public transport is easily available that will directly take you to this property. 




DLF ONE MIDTOWN comes with some exceptionally built amenities that are easily accessible by all the residents. 

ONE MIDTOWN is a dream home for every resident as the architectural design with the exteriors makes this place a paradise.

This property is the fourth phase of Capital Greens where you will find all the rich facilities and services such as:

  • INFINITY POOL: Refresh yourself as you take a revitalizing dip into the state-of-the-art pool
  • MEDITATION GARDEN: Start your mornings as you obtain the ultimate serenity in the pristine meditation garden
  • POOLSIDE CABANAS: Live a luxuriant life as you sit alongside the swimming pool at the pool side cabanas
  • KIDS’ POOL: Let your kids have fun as they take a refreshing dip while teaching them how to swim
  • BARBEQUE GRILLS: Cherish the weekends with your loved ones as you host an event while enjoying open-air barbeque
  • GYMNASIUMS: Achieve all your fitness goals with ultra-modern equipment and professional trainers
  • GAMES ROOMS: Get to know your neighbors over several games and increase your bond with them
  • KIDS CLUB: Why should adults have all the fun? Let your kids take full advantage of the Kids’ Clubhouse. This will greatly help them to get rid of their fear of socializing with other people and help boost their confidence. 
  • MULTI-PURPOSE HALL: Host several events or get to know each other by enjoying several activities on common ground. 
  • CLUBHOUSE: Get access to this exquisite clubhouse that comes with a lavish bar where you can cheers with your family and friends, an Alfresco dining area to host family dinners or parties, an exclusive cafe, a spa to revitalize yourself, and a salon. 
  • FIVE-TIER SECURITY: This luxurious residential project sets a benchmark of being a highly gated residential development, inclusive of a five-tier security system. In One-Midtown, each area is under the surveillance of this high-security system. This feature ensures that every resident lives a worry-free life and feels safe at all times. 
  • ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY: DLF One Midtown offers all such rich amenities while keeping in mind the environment and sustainable living of its residents. 

Every property as well as all the other services is made with sustainable materials. For instance, this project offers solar water heaters in order to supply kitchen geysers with pre-heated water and many more facilities that contribute to healthy and natural living settings. 


I hope I have given a clear understanding of Moti Nagar and the best property available in Moti Nagar,i.e. Capital Greens with its fourth phase, known as DLF One Midtown

One Midtown is a luxury residential sector development that is going to be the best construction in Central Delhi. 

This brand-new development is a strategically planned grand development that ensures its end users to cherish all unparalleled amenities while staying amidst a pure environment.

This lush-green property has an exclusive meditation garden, a studio for yoga, and mesmerizing terrace gardens from where you can cherish the entire city’s view while standing on a wholesome green land.

When we talk about One Mindtown, there are several contemporary amenities that are being offered over here, such as: 

Infinity pool, game rooms, poolside cabanas, kids’ pool, open barbeque area and barbeque grills, kids’ club, multi-purpose hall, clubhouse, five-tier security system, and offer a sustainable living. 

This community has all the high-end retail stores within this wonderful development. 

Moreover, the location is Moti Nagar which is the center point for all the major landmarks along with all the sumptuous facilities. 

Hence, it is important that you should consider all the factors regarding location and all other amenities before making a well-informed decision regarding investing or buying a property.